Monthly Archives: August 2013

Pret talks brand identity with Marketing Week

Who better to shed light on making a brand relevant to a local market than Pret a Diner’s head of marketing Lise Uduak? In this week’s Marketing Week out today, Lise discusses brand identity and the trend in tailoring services, products and atmospheres to locations and cultures. Alongside Starbucks, Puma, Tesco and Rosewood Hotels &… Read more »


What happens when you take a large 21 year old man, dress him in a chicken suit, give him control over a Beam robot in NYC and let him roam free? This: That is correct. This afternoon we had our first hook up with team NYC via their robot. What, you don’t have a robot?… Read more »


Can you believe it’s that time of year already? This time last year, Bridey and I were preparing to join a panel hosted by Mint Digital to discuss best practice for brands and Instagram for Social Media Week. Since then a great deal has happened. The agency is now nine months old and nine people… Read more »

Nina Garcia smashes fashion rules at NYFW

Nina Garcia is going to break the fashion show boundaries and rules simply with a pair of specs. Obviously they are not just any pair of glasses, acclaimed fashion journalist Nina Garcia will be donning Google Glass when she attends New York Fashion Week this September. #BeNina, will see her live stream the action from… Read more »

Cult visits Never Underdressed

Last week we joined the Brow Architects and headed down to Emerald Street to invade the offices of our friends at Never Underdressed. We spent lunch time chatting brows and all things beauty as the Brow Architects worked their #LunchBrows magic on the team! They threaded, tinted and shaped their way through the ladies, leaving… Read more »

Cult to co-host event with WFTV

We are proud to announce that we are working closely with the wonderful women at WFTV. The organisation is run to support and educate women in the industry from those behind the camera to those in front of it. What better week than one devoted to Social Media to dive in between the screens and… Read more »