Monthly Archives: January 2015

Chiquito – the first UK restaurant to drive sales from Snapchat reviews Chiquito’s successful use of Snapchat and being the first UK restaurant to drive sales from the channel. From the beginning, we have seen the exciting opportunities with Snapchat, launching Calvin Klein on the channel back in June 2014 and most recently with UK’s largest Tex Mex restaurant chain, Chiquito. Understanding that Chiquito’s youthful demographic is… Read more »

The NBTs for 2015: predictions from Cult LDN

Just as the fashion houses showcase their wares for the anticipated season, we too look forward to the coming year with predictions on what will be hot in 2015. In fact it’s not rocket science, social has fast overtaken traditional media in reach, opportunity, creativity and spend. Consumers know this too, with 76% using social… Read more »