2015 Booths Highlights

The Brief
As our longest standing client, we strive to deliver better and better campaigns each year we work with this wonderful supermarket brand. Key objectives for us throughout the year is raising awareness and excitement of the new store openings, which this year saw a record opening of 4 new Booths stores. In addition to these 4 exciting events, we are always on with daily community management and continual strategy creation for new products and new highlights throughout the year, such as their first class craft beer selections.

Key highlights from the 2015

First Supermarket on Periscope
We’re so proud of the expansion of this supermarket and wanted to ensure the excitement of the 4 new stores was translated to online communities and audiences. With this in mind, we put Booths on Periscope, as the first supermarket brand to use the platform in the UK.
We were there, live reporting from each store opening (cross-channel) and used Periscope to provide the Booths community with a preview of each of the new stores.

The results
In total, our Booths store opening activity has reached over 500k and achieved over 4m impressions, without any paid for promotion.

Booths Craft Beer #BoothsCheers
In order to raise awareness of Booths’ huge array of craft beer (up to 150 available in store) and make gains of the potential of organic reach available with Facebook Native Videos, we produced 5 high-quality short-form videos to use within social.

Each video highlighted a key product from the beer selection and included a Booths beer specialist talking through each product.

The result
Campaign reach to date has exceeded 192k and 1.8m impressions (organically).