Calvin Klein


The Brief

To launch Calvin Klein’s latest fragrance REVEAL on social and maximise ROI from the US TV spot.

The Strategy

To excite fans at the launch of Calvin Klein’s seductive new fragrance Reveal, Cult LDN locked down their Twitter feed to conduct an intimate (and at times verging on explicit) live social interview with the stars of the campaign – Doutzen Kroes and Charlie Hunnam.

Calvin Klein: “What item of clothing do you prefer not to wear?”

Doutzen: “There isn’t anything in particular I prefer not to wear… It all comes off eventually :-)”

Hunnam: “I try to avoid leather chaps when possible. #REVEALMORE”

The lock down lasted 1 hour and saw some incredible results with over 1,600 tweets and 21.3m impressions.

Social Advertising To Maximise ROI from Reveal TV spot 

To supplement the wider global social strategy we launched locally targeted Twitter Lead Generation Cards running in parallel with the new TV spot. The cards allowed users to claim a free sample of the new fragrance. By targeting the cards at the hashtag whilst the global social strategy was at it’s peak level of engagement and US TV advertising launched we were able to capitalise on and maximise the impact of the wider marketing activity and paid media.