Chiquito's Live Kitchen

The Brief

A long standing retainer client of Cult, we were thrilled to be brought the brief of Chiquito’s “fresh” proposition, and help to shift its brand perception, to becoming a brand strongly associated with fresh produce, flavours, cocktails and cooking.

What we did

We hosted a content series, making cocktails and food LIVE on Twitter from the Chiquito kitchen and bar, with the Executive Chef and Head of Bars from the brand, allowing social an exclusive insight into ‘behind-the-scenes’ of the brand.

The Result
The content reached over 1.5 million people on Twitter in just 24 hours, and whilst we were ‘live,’ the Chiquito channel received 40 engagements per minute. The brand also enjoyed an awareness on Twitter 458% higher than on an ‘average’ day. Keep your eye out, there’s plenty more live cooking to come…