7th Heaven


7th Heaven: Squeeze the Day

The Brief

We worked with leading, natural skincare brand, 7th Heaven and launched ‘Squeeze The Day’, a major beauty campaign celebrating the power of the brand’s natural face masks in everyday life – encouraging people of all ages and from all walks of life to ‘Squeeze The Day’.

“I really enjoyed working with 7th Heaven on the launch of ‘Squeeze The Day’. I love how accessible 7th Heaven is and how it fits into my daily routine so easily with such a fun variety of masks!” Emily Clarkson, 7th Heaven beauty ambassador

What We Did

7th Heaven isn’t just a mask you sit back and relax with - it’s a gateway to seize the day and squeeze everything out of it. New opportunity opens with every rip off the packet and every squeeze of the mask.

So how do you squeeze the day? Being an earth child, a Ālam Āran or a does-it-all Doris? Will you Ma$k like a Millionaire? Go au natural or under the radar?

Squeezing the day doesn’t just happen. But it can with 7th Heaven. To bring our campaign to life, we’ll feature our own community of real people, showing that there really is a mask for everyone - no matter how you like to Squeeze The Day.

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  • +651% Engagement rate above industry standard

  • +725% Increase in website traffic from social