Naughty or Nice

The Brief

To drive mass awareness & sales and give women what they want during the holiday season for the iconic luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.


To bring the #NaughtyorNice campaign creative to life, we started with an interactive video experience featuring British actor Juno Temple, playing to both sides of women; her fearless kinky side and sweet seductive nature.

The first-of-its-kind video allowed the viewer to move between two scenarios by tapping their mobile screen or pressing ’N’ for naughty or nice on their keyboards.

Phase two of the campaign saw the launch of a WhatsApp Ménage à Trois, where couples were invited to create a group conversation on the messaging app between themselves and an Agent Provocateur Agent. The Agent was able to offer product suggestions and advice to help uncover their Christmas Wish List and suggest products from the Agent Provocateur Christmas collection to suit their personality.

Through the WhatsApp Ménage à Trois, couples could discuss the Christmas collection directly with their own Agent Provocateur Agent.

With 1.6 billion people using their mobile devices to shop online globally, and a predicted 56% choosing mobile to purchase presents in the run up to Christmas, it was a natural decision for AP to launch their biggest campaign on WhatsApp.

The ‘Naughty or Nice’ campaign was represented throughout the business from the brand website and social media to in-store.


  • 125% Increase in engagement

  • 65 Pieces of press coverage