#SayFreeze Snap Bar

The brief

Relaunch Chiquito’s annual summer campaign, based around their delicious #SayFreeze cocktails. Previous years saw fantastic results so this year we were tasked with making the activation bigger, bolder and pack more of a punch than ever before, ultimately driving sales, gaining social coverage and turning Chiquito into a disruptive industry leader.

What we did 

For this campaign, we created world’s first Snapchat cocktail bar! Here, fans can peruse the Chiquito #SayFreeze menu, take part in games and claim vouchers of the frozen cocktails – driving direct sales from the platform. The campaign has been promoted online and offline in restaurants.


The launch garnered coverage with the Drum amongst other publications with Chiquito saying: “The significant growth of Snapchat within our target market has led us to further innovate socially.”
So far we have seen promising results, with over 1M organic visits to the Snapchat Bar in just four weeks!