Katy Perry

Katy Perry fans spread #MadLove

The Brief
Katy Perry Fragrances asked us to digitally launch her latest scent, Mad Love, in an engaging and unique way, creating mass awareness of the new fragrance and pushing traffic to local market e-commerce retailers.

What We Did
To launch Katy Perry’s Mad Love to the press and the public, we created an industry first digital campaign launched by Katy’s fans themselves, the #KatyCats!

To unlock the campaign, fans were asked to share selfies across social media with a custom Mad Love template using the hashtag #KPMadLove. After thousands of photos were shared, Katy Perry’s Mad Love World was revealed, a microsite where fans could see the spread of #KPMadLove in realtime on an interactive globe complete with flying cats and a live social feed by country.¬†When the fragrance became available in each market, fans were able to click-through from their country to purchase the bottle from their local retailer’s website, making for a seamless journey to purchase.

The campaign was supported through influencer takeovers, gamified content, fan challenges, and experiential activations in local markets.

The Results

Katy Perry’s first ever fan-launched campaign saw unbelievable engagement! In just 24 hours during the unlock phase, #KPMadLove photos saw 2 million impressions and over 1500 snaps. After the launch of the microsite, #KPMadLove trended 3 times and received a total of 4.6 million social mentions and 375 million impressions. Thousands of pieces of UGC were shared online featuring Katy’s latest bottle. Katy Perry certainly felt the love for her new fragrance!