Crack Open Paradise

The Brief

We were asked by Kopari to develop a brand campaign that could cut through in a saturated category to deliver greater brand awareness and introduce consumers to the brand’s wider product range.

We partnered with the founders and marketing team at Kopari to evolve the brand’s communications and content from pure product pushes to emotionally resonant content, built around the audience’s interests and passions.

What We Did

We devised a creative platform that captured the sensation of Kopari’s products while also injecting fun and playfulness into the clean beauty sector.

Leveraging real-life moments such as being kept awake by a noisy street, being squashed in the lift with your colleagues or being bored at work, we put Kopari at the centre of escaping the mundane and encouraged consumers to Crack Open Paradise. We applied this direction to all campaign launch material, including audio (Spotify), social and digital channels.

We also created a series of films exploring the founders’ story, the product provenance and the brand’s CSR program, giving consumers a more intimate understanding of Kopari’s philosophy and practices.