Sally Hansen



The Brief

Sally Hansen created their first ever brand partnership with Crayola. A limited-edition collection of quick-drying Insta-Dri nail polish in classic Crayola shades. The partnership sought to engage millennial moms and inspire nostalgic childhood memories


For 50 years, America’s favourite nail brand Sally Hansen has empowered women with Self Made Beauty™. With something for everyone, the brand has is a market leader in the US, UK, Canada

In 2017, Crayola had partnered with the beauty brand Clinique’s Chubby Stick Lipsticks. Whilst Clinique aren’t present in the nail space, they’re a competitor in the broader cosmetic’s category. Sally Hansen is the United States’ 6th largest brand overall. Similar messaging made the two collaborations competitors for cut-through and PR.


Working with carefully selected Influencer artist/designers, CULT created a suite of digital assets These supported Sally Hansen’s campaign across multiple channels. A grown-up take on the childhood creativity that is integral to Crayola

  • 160K+ nits sold

  • 800K+ NR across North America

  • 175+ MM media impressions

  • 15% Engagement Rate

  • 93% Engagement rate versus partnership with Clinique