Remote shoot during lockdown

The Brief

Drive awareness and trial of new MG Shiny Topcoat, Sally Hansen’s industry-first no UV gel polish

What We Did

Created bespoke content focusing on the new topcoat (with its chrome-like exterior)

Focussing on colour (Marine Metallics) to have standout on the feed

Used CGI to enhance the look and feel of the launch as well as create teaser assets (before the product was available to shoot)

Embrace the Unknown

Sally Hansen’s first remote shoot during lockdown with minimal on-set attendance, no original product (all dupes) and CGI use for missing product (topcoat).

  • 118% More engagement within 24 hours

  • 41% greater AVG ENGAGEMENT RATE — 8.81% vs 6.25% current 2020 AER

  • 235% Life in comments all within 24 hours