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What happens when you take a large 21 year old man, dress him in a chicken suit, give him control over a Beam robot in NYC and let him roam free? This: That is correct. This afternoon we had our first hook up with team NYC via their robot. What, you don’t have a robot?… Read more »

Jenny and the Chicken takes the world by storm

Our brilliant buddies over at Mash+Studio¬†have been creating quite a stir with the launch of ¬†‘Jenny and the Chicken’. The children’s story (for adults) is their simple and genius way of explaining what it is they do. We’ll say no more, check it out for yourself here: Jenny and the Chicken from Mash+Studio

Mash+Studio launches in NYC

Who are Mash+Studio and why are they awesome? Here’s what Global Creative Director Darryl Ohrt has to say: “Simply put, we produce content. Video. Short films. CinemaGIFs. Instagram campaigns. The written word. If there’s a media that’s shared socially, we’ll produce it. We solve the problem of every Community Manager, brand and agency who has… Read more »