Following our appointment last year, we have commenced the Summer campaign for the Austrian National Tourist Office, showcasing Austria as a year-round holiday destination.

The challenge: #uncoverAustria. 6 influencers. One task. The call of Summer in Austria.

Our first influencers flew out yesterday morning to the city of Graz and will be making various stops throughout the country, showcasing the hidden beauty of Austria as the ski-season finishes and summer begins.

They’ll tell it as they see it, with few, if any preconceptions; they’ll find hidden curiosities, test their recreational prowess, delve into tasty Austrian fare, and sightsee in all directions while sharing their experiences.

So, as Mollie, Ben & Katie, Leyla, Chloe and Jess prepare for their Austrian adventures, they can only wait in anticipation, as exactly which stop on the Austrian map they’ll be making is yet to be revealed…

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