How we harness the power of social video for our clients

One of our core philosophises at Cult is that content is one of the most powerful tools in social. Interesting and relevant content is one of best ways to promote engagement with brands.

The evolution of many of the platforms we use has long seen a shift towards visually lead content, paired with the high quality phone cameras and there’s a perfect recipe to create great visually lead, and perhaps most importantly, reactive content.

Throw in a good eye for a shot, a sharp sense of purpose, the ability to build small narratives on the fly, a steady hand, and you can turn around pretty decent videos at the drop of a hat (or handbag) with absolutely no added production costs.

Reactive videos, and visual content such as the examples below are the perfect way to showcase what’s going on behind the scenes. This kind of content fits perfectly on social and is exactly what followers and fans expect, and want to see. They want to know what’s happened to get to the final poster, or what goes into that delicious meal.