Sally Hansen

Colour of The Moment

The Brief

Our brief was to create an always evolving community of micro-influencers to try out Sally Hansen’s #ColorOfTheMoment, the brand’s nail polish shade of the month, as devised by their Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole.

What we did

We looked to cement Sally Hansen’s position as a leader in nail color trends by harnessing the power of micro-influencers, who have consistently shown to drive higher engagement than larger influencers. The project ran across 3 key markets, the US, the UK and Germany.

To maximise the reach of the campaign and double-down on engagement, the influencers were asked to run their own giveaways, giving everyone the opportunity to get involved and try the #ColorOfTheMoment.


In its first month, #ColorOfTheMoment achieved coverage with over 120 influencers. Many influencers far exceeded the number of posts expected, with some posting over five times, far in excess of our minimum of one post. This coincided with the launch of Instagram Galleries, which many used to show off multiple products and multiple nail-art looks. The activation is now a monthly community tradition Sally Hansen that nurtures an an evolving international ambassador network.