Futures is the innovation arm of Cult, exploring the next evolution of marketing for Beauty, Fashion and Luxury brands, with a focus on emerging creative technology and Web3. Presenting this quarter: Infinite Fashion. 

Infinite Fashion

Conceived by Cult Futures and aimed at exploring the infinite possibilities of fashion in the Metaverse in partnership with digital atelier DressX and i-D

The creative team at Cult, worked alongside digital artists NAOWAO, James Mack, Julia Blanc, and Gris Wave,  to create a blueprint for brands to use in the future, fashion unrestricted by materiality, wearability, and physics, the collections display the infinite creativity that the Metaverse facilitates. Explore the collection on DressX

Cult Futures Consultancy

Our dedicated team of strategists and creative technologists provide Web3 strategy and execution for Fashion, Beauty and Luxury brands. This currently spans:

  • AR strategy, concepting and execution 
  • Metaverse builds (in partnership with Spatial and Decentraland)
  • Digital garment strategy, creation and go-to-market
  • NFT strategy, delivery and minting

Our most recent work

Our latest work includes launching sustainable NFTs, concepting and creating our own Metaverse Spaces, Digital Garment design and go-to-market, advice and consultancy on Web3 strategies and activations.

Dirty Laundry X Spatial

Cult launches a laundromat speakeasy in Spatial where you can wash away your fears of the metaverse. The Metaverse space serves as a gallery for showcasing emerging digital artists, as well as a meeting spot for events and meetups.

Visit Dirty Laundry in Spatial

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