Kurt Geiger


Kurt Geiger Be Kind 2021

The Brief

At the beginning of the pandemic, when Kurt Geiger temporarily closed their 55 high street stores, the brand pledged to give back to their community; from distributing gift cards to frontline workers, to creating a charitable We Are One collection, daily draws for #smallactsokindness, 50% NHS discount on new products and finally donating profits once stores reopened. Kurt Geiger wanted to celebrate and raise awareness for this movement by showcasing it in a film throughout their stores in celebration of the re-opening.

What We Did

The film, Be Kind, pieces together the many acts of kindness that the brand are involved in and the different organisations that Kurt Geiger supports, the 30’ montage sits across all key KG touchpoints.
Along with this, we created a number fo supporting assets - gifs, stills and in store experiences including the window displays that share the brand’s commitments.
Be Kind not only tells the story of the brands therianthropic work, but the people who they’ve supported; showcasing images of the many wonderful people that make up the NHS.